Thursday, July 7, 2016

A cry for help: a giant multimedia source... sheet? on cultural topics

  1. Does a useful list of ancient & secondary sources including a/v and web for various cultural topics specifically those on the NLE syllabus exist? I know about sourcebooks. Those are only part of it.
  2. Want to help make one? Not comprehensive, obviously; there's much too much info out there. But just stuff that's relatively easily available and readable by and appropriate for MS & HS (or elementary if you want). Because I started already using my own books & resources: click here. I'm basically good on secondary book sources but I want help with Latin & a/v and web sources. If you want to help send me a google email address and I'll give you editing privileges.
    1. Bonus points if you have As the Romans Did and want to help me comb through that because dayyyyum 
    2. OR if you know a lot of easier Latin authors and post-classical texts to consult. 
  3. For the Latin sources ideally 
    1. I'm looking for stuff that would fit the kind of thing Ivy and Melanie have done here
    2. but non-classical and modern texts in Latin are also allowed...
    3. especially if they're compelling and story-driven, e.g. Pluto: Fabula Amoris.

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