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Getting Started

Must Reads

Latin-Specific CI

General CI

Real Life Learning Opportunities

Useful Resources

Research on Second Language Acquisition & Other Relevant Topics

  • Books
    • Lightbown & Spada. How Languages are Learned.
    • Van Patten (generally)
  • Tea with BVP: call-in talk show on Second Language Acquisition hosted by Bill Van Patten, Angelika Kraemer, and Walter Hopkins. Really. Listen live Thursdays at 3pm EST. Available as a podcast through iTunes, SoundCloud etc.


  1. I am looking for Useful Phrases fro Spoken Latin. Please advise

    1. Salve! I recommend this list:

      But also the link at the very top of this entry will take you to a slightly more updated list, and to my website which has more organized resources.

      I don’t know why it’s saying “Google Account” but this is the blog author, Ellie Arnold.