Thursday, February 25, 2016

Story, Dictatio, & Cloze: 3rd Person Plural Verbs

This one may work best as a reading than a TPRS story.

Story Script: Brad et Angelina infantem volunt.
Target Structures: 3rd person plural present active indicatives of known verbs, especially volunt, habent, vident, sunt.
Additional vocab: liber (child, not book), ad, itmulti, iam, etiam, discedit, puer, puella, audit, pulcher, tamen, dicit, nihil, numquam, plorat, stercorat, est, bene, inquit, + some cognates
Actor roles: Brad, Angelina
Additional actor roles: babies, children, animals, dolls

Story text & additional resources under the cut. 

Google doc of the story is here. The cloze exercise is also there.

Here is a past tense version of the same story. It's mostly imperfect but there are a few perfects here and there, which are glossed in parentheses.

Dictatio - this is just practice for 3rd plural verbs. It doesn't tie in with the story vocab at all.

Latin version, with variable words bolded:

Brad et Angelīna multōs līberōs habent, sed etiam īnfantem volunt. Angelīna ad Minnesotam it. multī īnfantēs in Minnesōta sunt, sed nōn īnfantēs hūmānī. Tigrēs īnfantēs in Minnesota sunt. Elephantēs īnfantēs in Minnesota sunt. Angelīna multōs īnfantēs animālia videt, sed īnfantēs hūmānōs nōn videt. Angelīna ē Minnesota discēdit.

Brad et Angelīna etiam īnfantem volunt. Brad ad Britanniam it. in Britanniā multī puerī puellaeque hūmānī sunt, sed nūllī īnfantēs. Brad et Angelīna iam līberōs habent, et līberōs nōn volunt. īnfantem volunt. Brad ē Britanniā discēdit. 

Brad et Angelīna etiam īnfantem volunt. Brad et Angelīna ad Cabbage Patch eunt. in Cabbage Patch multī īnfantēs hūmānī sunt. Quam laetī Brad et Angelīna! multōs īnfantēs pulchrōs vident. Brad et Angelīna īnfantēs tamen (however) nōn audiunt. īnfantēs in Cabbage Patch nihil dīcunt et numquam plōrant. 
“Bene est,” inquiunt Brad et Angelīna. “quod īnfantēs falsī quoque nōn stercorant.”

English Version, with variable words bolded:
Brad and Angelina have many children, but they still want a baby. Angelina goes to Minnesota. Many babies are in Minnesota, but not human babies. Tiger babies are in Minnesota. Elephant babies are in Minnesota. Angelina sees many baby animals, but she doesn't see human babies. Angelina leaves Minnesota.

Brad and Angelina still want a baby. Brad goes to Britain. In Britain there are many human boys and girls, but no babies. Brad and Angelina already have children, and they don't want children. They want a baby. Brad leaves Britain. (you can change this paragraph to let the kids choose something else instead of human boys and girls but you'll have to change the fourth sentence as well.)

Brad and Angelina still want a baby. Brad and Angelina go to the Cabbage Patch. There are many human babies in the Cabbage Patch. How happy Brad and Angelina are! They see many beautiful babies. Brad and Angelina, however, do not hear the babies. The babies in the Cabbage Patch say nothing and never cry.

"It's good," say Brad & Angelina, "because fake babies also never poop."

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