Saturday, November 21, 2015

Story Script - Putting it on the table

I used this as a short dictation to introduce brings, comes, puts, & leaves. You could change it around a bit and use it to play with prepositional phrases.

Target structures: brings, comes, puts, leaves
Additional vocab: any nouns you want
Actor roles: student(s)

Additional roles: up to 4 students total

Sarah tigrem fert.
Sarah ad mensam venit.
Sarah tigrem in mensam ponit.
Sarah a mensa discedit.
Brady elephantem fert.
Brady ad mensam venit.
Brady elephantem in tigrem ponit.
Brady a mensa discedit.
Jose delphinum fert.
Jose ad mensam venit.
Jose delphinum in elephantem ponit.
Jose a mensa discedit.
Alice ad mensam venit.
Alice delphinum in elephante in tigre videt.

Alice omnia consumit.

Sarah brings the tiger.

Sarah comes to the table.
Sarah puts the tiger on the table.
Sarah leaves the table.
Brady brings the elephant.
Brady comes to the table.
Brady puts the elephant on the tiger.
Brady leaves the table.
Jose brings the dolphin.
Jose comes to the table.
Jose puts the dolphin on the elephant.
Jose leaves the table.
Alice comes to the table.
Alice sees the dolphin on the elephant on the tiger.
Alice eats it all.

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