Monday, November 30, 2015

Fashion Show - input activity for clothing and colors

This past week was "Spirit Week" at my school as well as Thanksgiving week, so needless to say, the kids weren't in a very scholarly mood. I decided to cover clothing since it's not super important for Latin students and half the kids were already in silly themed Spirit Week outfits. (Update, a week later: Yeah almost no one remembers the target structures from this week. Oh well. At least I can say I covered it! YMMV)

Before I did this activity, I'd already done some PQA and a story using clothing words. I'll put those up eventually.

Materials: lots of clothes, the weirder the better. Ask your drama department to borrow some if you can't gather them on your own, or ask the kids for volunteers (don't require it especially if you have a poorer population).
A small whiteboard for each judge is also helpful but you can use paper.

Roles: stylists, models, judges. Photographers optional.

Setup: Set up the desks so there's a "runway" for models to walk. Put all the clothes and accessories in one place. Put useful vocab up on the board, including colors and patterns as well as clothing terms. Have water handy because you're going to be talking a lot.

1. Ask your students to get in pairs of one stylist, one model. Shy students may want to be stylists or they can be judges & photographers.

2. Next step for each group:
Stylists: send to clothing pile to pick out clothing for their models.
Models: figure out walking order & get dressed when stylists return.
Judges: Work out judging criteria- creativity, actual good style, model sass, etc. You can also just have judges rate each model from 0 to 10 on their boards, like Olympic judges.
Photographers: Get their phones (or whatever) ready to take some pictures and video.

4. As each model walks up and down the runway, describe what they're wearing in the TL. For example:
"Lexis stolam longam et viridem gerit. Lexis petasum roseum cum floribus gerit. Quam pulchram!" (Lexis is wearing a long and green dress. Lexis is wearing a pink hat with flowers. How lovely!)
Point at unknown words on the board as you use them.
Be very clear that you ONLY get to do this activity if they pay attention during your narration. A lot of them will want to laugh and talk in the non-target language, but for this to work as input, they have to listen!

5. After the first round, a lot of my stylists wanted to try being models after all, so I let them switch. We did 3 or 4 rounds in most 50 minute classes.

Variation 1:
I described this activity to Traci and she made a great suggestion. Instead of just narrating what the kids pick, you can also come up with descriptions in advance and have the students compete to see who can get their model dressed right first. So for example, I could say, "Puella stolam longam gerit. Puella petasum gerit." Each pair would have to find a long dress and a hat. Then you could narrate for them again, with different adjectives depending on which pieces of clothing they have.

Variation 2, not totally thought through yet:
I haven't done this yet, but I think another fun thing to do for clothing and personal descriptors would be to play "Guess Who." From Wikipedia:
Each player starts the game with a board that includes cartoon images of 24 people and their first names with all the images standing up. Each player selects a card of their choice from a separate pile of cards containing the same 24 images. The object of the game is to be the first to determine which card one's opponent has selected. Players alternate asking various yes or no questions to eliminate candidates, such as "Does this person wear glasses?" The player will then eliminate candidates by flipping those images down until all but one is left. Well-crafted questions allow players to eliminate one or more possible cards.
 I am sure there's a way to take this kind of guessing and personalize it to your class, ideally without actually having to prep little cards. Maybe you could do it like the Headband Game (sorry for math example but it's the best I've found)? Thoughts?

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  1. Thanks for linking to my Headbandz write-up. I love your fashion show activity!